About Us

We are a collaborative community of people passionate about the cities we live in. Collectively we provide highly unique, independent and original guides so you really can crack a city like a local.


talking pigeons about us - manifesto


That our community provides the best experiences a city has to offer. It’s that simple.


We are immensely passionate about travel and it’s ability to be the biggest educator of them all. We’ve  had brilliant experiences that could only have been leveraged by knowing locals across the globe. So we decided to get together and share our local knowledge here and open it up to all. We are strong advocates of giving generously and believe in the power of a connected tribe to make a positive impact.


A collective bunch from across the globe that are curious, quirky, creative and mad keen on travel, in other words we aren’t fans of being pigeonholed. ( We had to get that in there, but it’s true! ). We are eager to hunt out the lesser known spots within our cities and abroad, and of course passionate about showcasing the best our cities have to offer. You can find us here.

We are a small but ambitious community, spreading our wings so please get in touch if you would like to show off your city and help us grow.


We’ve been asked a lot where the name originated from and no it wasn’t via a conversation involving too many drinks! If you look around you will find pigeons in just about all of the continents, in varying colours, shapes and sizes. Historically pigeons were a crucial form of communication and with their envious ability to fly means they are able to see the world from a different perspective – much like what our community embodies in the places we recommend. Lastly, the birthplace of Talking Pigeons is in London, UK where they are a part of what you see every day – love them or hate them. However, one quality we don’t share with Pigeons, is that of course, we won’t ever s**t on you!