1. The wide variety of really good food
2. Great shopping
3. Reflexology Massages



Have breakfast like the locals at “Bakmi Ahau 38” or at a local traditional market in West Jakarta – Pasar Puri Indah.

Shopping at the biggest wholesalers in South East Asia, “Mangga Dua” area. Best to come early as it gets very busy so would head here after breakfast. Or for high end shopping Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan and Grand Indonesia.

To see a very local part of Jakarta that is very inclusive – from the lower class to the high end head to Ancol – Jakarta Bay City. Very popular at sunrise and sunset and a great area to jog around. Jump on a boat to unwind and get great views of Jakarta Bay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Within this area is a lot more to see – art markets, water parks and theme parks. 

Asia in general do great massages and my favourite is the reflexology massage at Five Star. Then head up to the 56th floor of the BCA tower for panoramic views of the Jakarta skyline at Skye Bar. They have a great outdoor area as well which becomes a lounge in the evenings. It isn’t cheap but offers the best view in Jakarta.



Tesate – All dishes are under US$20 and the food is authentic Indonesian. Dishes you have to try here are “GULAI SENGKEL” it’s lamb leg curry… heavenly taste of Indonesia and also “TAHOE TELOR” which is egg and tofu cooked together and served with a very special sauce.

Mid range

ADDRESS: JL. Sam Ratulangi No. 39 Menteng (021) 31931250

Dapur Babah -Is the finest example of “Cina Peranakan” where Chinese cuisine is fused with traditional Indonesian food as well asa Dutch influence from the colonial era. This restaurant is a very good example of how Indonesian food and Chinese food has become a new cuisine called Neon cuisine – similar to the fusions of food within Malaysia.

The interior of the restaurant is drop dead gorgeous, which is a mix of all of the above – Indonesian, Dutch and Chinese influences. One dish you must try is “Nasi Tjampoer Babah”.
Mid range

A great area to try street food is around Roxy Street. A favourite street food dish here is “Sop Kaki Kambing” which is a Goat leg curry and their are two that do it very well, each with their own fan base. The first is Dudung Roxy and Sudi Mampir.


ADDRESS: Dudung Roxy Jl. Biak Roxy 44 | Across BcaJakarta 10150 


Sudi Mampir Jl.Tanjung Duren Raya Kav.5-9, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11470

Ikan Bakar Karamata – Fantastic local restaurant with a dish you have to try – Ikan Patin – is fish stuffed with Indonesian spices wrapped in banana leaves and put inside bamboo. They cook this by burning the bamboo and the heat steams the fish inside for a brilliant flavour.


ADDRESS: Jalan Raya Taman Mini, Taman Anggrek, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta 13560 +62 21 29468156


Haggling is a MUST except in malls and if you are buying something expensive then head to Mangga Dua area.

TRY the hawker food. The tastes are unique to the areas, and very cheap – from as a little as 50 cents. In residential areas you have thousands of people with mobile carts selling great food such as one best described as a meatball soup Asian styles and you will see these everywhere! Try it! That said you can have food that costs up to $1000.00! So it’s a city of extremes!

The local food markets. Have a traditional breakfast/ morning snack ( japan pasar )of a rice cake with many different toppings called a Longtong Medan –  with either curried young jack fruit, beef rendang , chilli prawn, chilli squid, or mixed vegetables in coconut milk (sayur lodeh). My local favourite as mentioned in the 24 hour guide is Pasar Puri Indah.

Taxi’s are cheap (don’t forget to ask to use the meter otherwise they will charge you as they like) and driving here is not an option – it’s a unique skill to navigate and drive here.

As mentioned on budget tips -Haggling is a MUST except in malls. Only drink bottled water and for bathrooms – find a hotel or mall – public toilets you won’t enjoy!

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