Amsterdam is a multicultural international hub, reflected in the available food, diversity of people, and music.



Boot up with an espresso at the Scandinavian Embassy. Go for a walk along the canals in the ‘Grachtengordel’ area – it’s also where the Anne Frank House is located.

Go to the Foam photography museum, grab a beer at the IJ brewery, situated underneath an old windmill in the East.

Take the ferry to the Eye film-museum to catch a film. Afterwards go to Hotel Okura’s Twenty Third Bar and see the sun set accompanied by perfect cocktails.



The Pure Markt offers a taste of local foods and drinks, it is held most Sundays in different parks throughout the city.



Hakata Senpachi has the best ramen within the city ring. It is a yakitori-ya restaurant but come weekend they serve ramen.


Budget – Mid Range.


ADDRESS: Wielingenstraat 16, 1078 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meidi-Ya on the Beethovenstraat serves freshly made sashimi, maki, yakitori, and other Japanese delicacies and combines a small supermarket with Japanese goodies to boot.


Budget – Mid Range.


ADDRESS: Beethovenstraat 18-20, 1077 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its wall-food, vending machine that serve snacks. While not haute cuisine, it is an experience you probably don’t want to miss, Febo is probably your best bet and the original one on the Ferdinand Bolstraat is definitely worth it.




ADDRESS: Various locations. Try Ferdinand Bolstraat 89B 1072 LD Amsterdam

Around the corner from Ferdinant Bolstraat, is the Albert Cuypstraat. Shameless promotion: my friend Greg sells rustic grilled sandwiches at his Greg Monsieur stall. Sit in, or take yours to the Sarphatipark close by.




Install the Fieldtrip app, point your browser to and awesome amsterdam to fill your agenda.

When you arrive in Amsterdam start by grabbing the ‘Uitkrant’ to see what’s happening that month.

Seriously check out some of Rembrandt’s paintings (or painting accredited to him) in the Rijksmuseum. It might sound tacky, but no reproduction captures the light and its dynamics.

There is a big flea market in IJ Hallen in the North, every last weekend of the month.


Museum Vrolik, part of the Amsterdam Medical Center, is an awesome museum if you’re into medical and pathological specimen and the likes.


Get some local goods at the Local Goods market in De Hallen, stay for the food stalls.

And if you happen to be here in May then check out the annual food truck festival

Avoid the tourist hotels and go for airbnb accommodation instead. Be mindful though – a lot of social housing is illegally sublet and the city council is actively cracking down on illegal housing, which could end you up on the streets. Always ask the apartment owner upfront whether he or she is permitted to rent out their place!


Some nice hotels to stay are Hotel V @ Frederiksplein and the budget ‘luxury’ design citizenM. If your wallet agrees, aim for the Okura hotel, a full service hotel with swimming pools, fitness areas, Michelin starred (Japanese) restaurants and an awesome cocktail bar overlooking Amsterdam.


If you are arriving from around Europe, you should check out to get a carpool-ride to Amsterdam.

Roti is a staple food in Amsterdam, this Surinam vegetable dish comes in many forms and varieties (due to the diversity of, among others, Javanese, Chinese, Hindu and Creole Surinam descendancy), and is almost always a great bang for your buck. Most places serve vegetarian options. My personal go-to places are Spang Makandra and Roopram Roti.

The best way to get around Amsterdam is by foot, especially within the city ‘Ring’. Be sure to cache your phone’s map application and you should be fine.


The GVB public transport company is known for its terribly bad service, especially towards tourists. Take into account that trams, depending on their type, can be accessed through any door, through the middle door only, or just in the back. It is not quickly apparent where to enter a tram – the tram driving off without you getting a chance to enter is not an exception.


For longer journeys opt for Taxi Electric, for an extra charge you get to ride in the back of a Tesla S, awesome after a long and exhausting flight.


Cycling is also an option but beware not to cycle on the pavement. This is not only frowned upon but will get you a fine when caught by police. If red cycle paths are lacking, you need to ride on the streets, between the car traffic. Also, lock your bike properly.


If you’d like to check out Amsterdam’s surroundings, as you should in the summer, Snappcar is the airbnb of car rentals. It allows you to drive a vintage Porsche, Tesla or anything else you desire for a day.


If weather permits, consider renting a boat and go for a canal trip. This is the best way to enjoy the architecture in the city centre. 

When smoking, avoid strong weed but start with a milder one instead. Most bio weeds are, although not assured, milder. Any good bigger coffeeshop should be able to give you advice.


Avoid the major shopping streets, same shops as in any other European city.

Do not walk on red bicycle paths, it is an underground sport for Amsterdammers to scare the shit out of tourists walking on bike paths. Never buy drugs on the street, at best you will be ripped off…

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