1. Coffee Culture. Budapest has a long tradition of coffee houses, cafes and coffee shops. Some of them have been around for over 100 years.
  2. Architecture. Discovering Budapest’s architecture is the best way to learn about the city’s history that dates back to the Roman times.
  3. The contrast between Buda and Pest. The two parts of Budapest with the flat Pest side and the hilly Buda side are so different and yet they complement one another perfectly.



Have breakfast at Két Szerecsen. It’s a very popular place among locals; they have excellent food and coffee and the atmosphere is perfect with an oriental design touch.


Make sure you try at least one bath while in Budapest. In the summer, I recommend you go to Gellért because it has some outdoor pools, too. Also Gellért is one of the most beautiful examples of Secessionist architecture in Budapest. If you’re in town during winter time, Veli Bej is probably your best choice, which is my favorite Turkish bath in Budapest. The number of visitors is limited to 80 people, so it’s never too crowded. Veli Bej is also the least known bath among tourists because it is not part of the network of Budapest baths, which also makes it the cheapest bath in Budapest. Veli Bej was recently renovated and it has a new wellness section, too. Click here for a list of FAQs about the Budapest baths.

Going to the bath is a very relaxing experience, but believe it or not, you’ll also feel a little tired afterwards. So it’s time for a delicious lunch and some great coffee. In Hungary, the main meal of the day is lunch, so don’t be surprised if you see people eating two or three courses in the middle of the day, while having only a sandwich or a quick salad for dinner. That’s why the city is full of restaurants with special lunch deals during the week, many with three-course meals under €13. On a weekday, I would recommend you go to Almárium Bisztro (website only in Hungarian) in the Palace District. During the weekend, try Fióka (only an official facebook page is available) on the Buda side.


There are lots of places in Budapest where you can have excellent coffee. So make sure you try either one of the classic coffee houses, such as Dunapark Kávéház in the 13th district or a small modern coffee shop, such as Bisztrónyúl in the 8th.

If you’re in Budapest on a Tuesday, then you should check out Random Trip on the A38 Ship. It’s a weekly music happening with a different lineup each time and the music is 100% improvisation. Going to Random Trip is also a great way to get familiar with the Hungarian music scene. Also, Opus Jazz Club has some great jazz concerts on every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and they have great food, too. If you want to explore some unique bars in Budapest, just head to the 7th district with some great ruin pubs and beer gardens, such as Kőleves and Mika Tivadar (website only in Hungarian).




Zeller Bistro has been Tripadvisor’s top rated restaurant for over two years now. Of course, the food is always delicious, but what makes Zeller a truly special place is how the owners, Anna and Péter, make you feel as you were the most special customer in the whole restaurant. Zeller is always full, so reserve a table before your trip.


You can have a three-course meal with wine for approx. HUF 8000.


ADDRESS: Izabella utca 36-38

Cafe Bouchon is a French-style restaurant with pretty art deco interior and delicious food. I recommend that you reserve in advance.


A three-course meal with wine costs around HUF 10 000.


ADDRESS: Zichy Jenő u. 33

A tiny place with delicious sandwiches that come with a lot of meat. Meat & Sauce is a great choice if you need something quick and filling.


The sandwiches cost around HUF 1600.


ADDRESS: Nagymező utca 34

Könyvbár is a small restaurant, so make sure you reserve in advance.


A three-course meal with wine is around HUF 6000.


ADDRESS: Budapest VII. kerület. Dob utca 45.

Central location, great food and lower prices – what else could you ask for? Ruben is also open on Monday, which is definitely a bonus in Budapest. Reservation recommended.


You can have a three-course meal with wine for about HUF 7000.


ADDRESS: 1053 Budapest Magyar utca 12-14.


Budapest is quite cheap compared to Western Europen cities, so you can have a great experience even if you’re on a tighter budget. The city is relatively small and is the perfect size for walking, which is the cheapest way to get around in the city. You can also save money on eating if you choose the fix menu option at the restaurants.

Budapest is a great city for walking and that’s probably the best way to explore the city. But if you get tired, you can also use the public transport – I believe we have one of the best public transports in the world!

I would recommend staying on the Pest side because that’s where most of the restaurants and bars are, so it’s easier to get back to your hotel after a long day of exploring the city. Try to go for the smaller boutique hotels around 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts, such as Brody House, Casati Budapest or Hotel or Palazzo Zichy.

Budapest is a safe city, but of course, you should use common sense: don’t leave your belongings unattended, don’t walk around with your bag open, and try to avoid deserted streets, especially during night time.

Don’t change your money at the airport and try to avoid restaurants where ‘goulash soup’ is listed on the menu. The Hungarian name and the correct spelling is ‘gulyásleves’.

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