I am a huge coffee fan, so a good cup of coffee equals a good start to my morning, so give Palm 2 a try. It is on the corner of Clapton Pond – a 10 min walk from Hackney Central Overground. It offers the best Flat White you can find in town served by friendly staff. The shop also sells amazing spinach and goat cheese flatbread, or if you prefer a croissant for breakfast you’ll find it there. This place is not the traditional type of shop, it is more a community corner shop, and everything is organic. Afterwards, walk down to Hackney Central and cross London Fields (amazing spot to hang out in summertime btw!) where you can have a nice walk towards Hackney’s Broadway Market. Head there on Saturday – great market which is worth seeing. Sometimes musicians perform next to La Bouche, a French deli in the middle of Broadway Market. The vegan carrot cake is absolutely amazing there!


OR, start central with a Breakfast at Gail’s Soho and check out the Soho Area (Vintage Shops, Record Shops for Music Fans). Stay away from Oxford Street, on Saturdays as it is super crowded. If on a budget, grab some bread from Gail’s – they are famous for their breads and the olive bread is brilliant to munch on later.

Another great coffee place to check out is Climpson’s and Son, probably my second favourite coffee shop in London. It’s also in Broadway Market and have coffee number two there. Take a walk along the canal, where you can watch people hanging out on the roof of their house boat, visit the bookshops or the Proud Archivist for Lunch. Amazing food there. Sometimes they have art exhibitions in the next room on, so check it out! The further you walk along the canal you’ll pass Angel in Islington and Camden eventually. Stay away from the Camden Market at the weekend, it’s terribly crowded. If you do come all the way there though, go to My Village they have amazing Smoothies (you often get offered a free shot beforehand) and their “Grandma’s Lentil Soup” is great too. It is a family business from Morocco and a super healthy snack point for a busy day!


I love the Photographers Gallery (free) and definitely visit the Tate Modern, it is by far the best Gallery in London! You can spend a long time there as it is huge. If you are on a budget, like I always am, visit the free exhibitions.

In the evening check out the Spurstowe Arms – one of my favorite pubs in Hackney. It has great Sunday lunches as well as a nice crowd in the evening, which doesn’t consist just of tourists. It is located close to the London Fields Lido, a swimming pool, worth checking out in summer (be either there early or late though, it is very busy on hot days!). My favourite party spots are warehouse parties in Hackney. If you love to party these are the places to go to. Another place, that unfortunately became a little bit too popular is the Haggerston Pub on Kingsland Road. It is an old pub with a tiny floor that’s always full of people. If you want to meet people that is the place to go! They also do amazing pizzas, but come early, otherwise you won’t get a table or even get in.


You could also have dinner in Pho in Soho, you don’t need to book a table. Just show up and enjoy their lovely soups and Vietnamese Street Food. If you still have any energy left, go for a drink around Dean Street, you’ll find a variety of different pubs and bars.



Community Feeling in Clapton, lovely family business

Between Hackney and Homerton, nice cakes, great food! Note: It’s closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Family run and they are always busy, but the food you get is worth the wait. They now have 5 branches.

Super nice and cosy place, lovely staff

For a Sunday lunch this is a brilliant pub – A traditional roast in London you have to do when you’re here!


Just absorb the diversity of the languages spoken around you- there is no other city I think, where so many languages are being spoken.

I can recommend the areas Hackney (especially Clapton and Stoke Newington) and Islington. Hackney offers a very hip variety of nice spots to visit and Islington is a bit more central. You can therefore reach a lot of attractions with spending less time on the tube or bus.

Cheap and easy is by bike! I love cycling and you see a lot more than spending time in the crowded, sweaty underground. You can rent a Barclays Bike (Locals call them Boris bikes). They are a bit heavy but is fine to get around the city. You can drop them off wherever you see a free Barclays Bike spot. If it is not peak time, I like taking buses as well. Also, remember to get an Oyster Card. If you buy daily travel cards you will spend a fortune just on travel! The daily cap doesn’t make you spend more than 7,50 per day for Zone 1, 2 and 3

Don’t leave your phone anywhere on the tables when you are having something to drink or eat! It won’t be there for long otherwise…

Even though you might be on a budget- never take the bus around 5pm during the week when everyone finishes work. You can spend up to 2 hours on the bus at peak time if you are travelling from central.

For events happening at night, I would recommend Resident Advisor.

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