1. Independently of all the seasons, Zurich is a very inviting & charming city to walk around.
  2. The lake. 
  3. The scenery...from historical buildings to mountains.



Zurich is a relatively small city, nevertheless there is plenty to see and do so grab some comfortable shoes and see this compact city on foot.


Let’s start by the railway station in the heart of Zurich where you can take the extremely punctual trains to anywhere in Switzerland and main cities around Europe. This is just one of the beautiful buildings Zurich has to offer.
From the station make your way to Bahnhofstrasse. This is the 3rd most expensive street in Europe for rental space – which is why you will see it mainly lined with high end brands.
After a few blocks you will arrive at Paradeplatz – a very wealthy square as it is the headquarters of both UBS and Credit Suisse. Make sure you grab some chocolates at Sprüngli – this is a must! There are a lot of little alleys off this square and are worth wandering through – in every corner there is something new to see.


For lunch in this area go to Sternen Grill, a very small but famous place close to Bellevue where you can try a “Bratwurst mit kartoffel salat” (sausage with potato salad)

A walk along the lake is recommended and it doesn’t take more than 40 minutes – and a great spot to have a drink and enjoy the view is FischStübe. Located right on the lake it has an open lounge and for a more casual feel they also have a beer garden. Great place to watch the sun go down over the lake.


Or another great spot with views across Zurich and located in the Old Town is Brasserie Lipp where the bar is located at the top floor and has a 360° view, known as the Jules Verne Bar. The added bonus is that close by you can also see the FrauMünster, a 13th-century cathedral that is a must see and in this area the buildings architecturally are the best.

Go west! The Viadukt area has been renovated in the last few years and it includes markets, restaurants, shops but the suggestion here is to walk long  Viadukt street until you reach Freitag – a brand that uses everyday materials such as tarpaulin from trucks and turns these into very durable, unique items – even if you don’t want to buy anything, their flagship store is constructed out of containers stacked on top of each other which is interesting to see.


Right next door is Frau Gerold gardens – an open air area filled with bars and restaurants mainly constructed out of containers and is great to go in summer. Just a few steps away is the restaurant Rosso, a very rustic location inside a former warehouse and there is no sign for the restaurant. Very good food – mostly for the pizza and is a very local spot.


However if you want to try local food, the suggestion is to head back to Paradeplatz to the ZeugHauseKeller, apart from fondue and raclette which are famous Swiss dishes you may want to try the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes – which is a dish local to Zurich of thinly sliced veal in a cream and mushroom sauce. To finish the evening (if you drink alcohol) try a grappa as a digestive!



ZeugHauseKeller –  Built in 1487, and originally used as an “arsenal storehouse” in which weapons and ammunition were stored, and you can see the remnants of this on the walls. They serve great Swiss cuisine with dishes local to Zurich and whilst a little touristy is worth going to try local specialities.

Triibhuus – Although it is a bit outside of the city the brunch here is highly recommended.

Les Halles – An eclectic and very laid back atmosphere, and is always busy! Whilst this place is very well known for it’s moules frites, they also serve great tapas and all of their produce is organic.

Rosso – Mentioned below in the 24 hr guide is a great spot if you love pizza and an atmosphere that is very lively, busy and set within an old warehouse – so a very industrial chic vibe.

The Bite – If burgers are your thing, you won’t be disappointed here.


Make sure you bring plenty of $$! Even the most budget traveller will need to allocate some extra money to spend in Switzerland – compared to other European cities.

 Visit the Old Town and have a coffee (with a swiss chocolate) in front of the Limmat River

There are plenty of choices, however make sure you make the reservations in advance and be prepared to spend a high amount even for low standard accommodation.

Friends have stayed at the B2 Boutique Hotel a former brewery located in the heart of the city that if on a budget is likely to blow it. But the spa located within – The Thermalbad is well worth going to where you have a rooftop pool with brilliant views across Zurich- worth indulging and spending a little of your budget on. 

To get around Zurich nothing is better than the trains. Don’t be surprised about getting in and out without showing your ticket. Neverthless make sure you buy one online or in the machines located at the stations.


However if you are just here for a short time and visiting only the must see spots – see 24 hour guide above, then it is possible to do it all just walking or on a bike.

I would avoid Zurich in January, if you can. The fog and very cold winds does not make it enjoyable to visit and appreciate all the beauty that Zurich has to offer … but remember this is a tip from a Brazilian

If you have an extra day or two, visit some one of the smaller towns around Zurich. Rapperswill, located at the upper end of the lake Zurich is about 40 min with the train or 1 hour with the boat – it’s a gorgeous little town.


If you do plan your trip around the winter times then day trips to the mountains – even if it is just to enjoy the view – is highly recommended then back to Zurich to enjoy the spa. Top 2 suggestions would be – Rigi is a bit more green (in the summer time) and has a  great view point of the lake. Or Pilatus which being a lot higher has a great view and in summer is also common to still have snow.

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