1. Four different seasons and lots of stuff to do at any time of year.
  2. Diversity and different neighborhoods: it feels like you can actually travel the world just in one city, switching from French to English, eating Iranian food for breakfast and Italian for dinner.
  3. People’s kindness and way of living. Plenty of time after work to do things you like with your friends.



WINTER: Take it slowly and chill over a nice breakfast. Feeling hungry? Head to L’Avenue on Mont-Royal Avenue for a copious brunch. Vegetarian? You have to try Aux Vivres’ chili. Just want a coffee? Head to Le Moineau Masqué, one of the smallest yet cosiest, coffee places in Le Plateau Mont-Royal.


SUMMER: Head out for a run and get some fresh air! Great places to do this are in Montreal’s famous parks: Mont-Royal, Lafontaine, or Laurier. Reward yourself after with a pastry at Mamie Clafoutis on Saint-Denis street, well known for its pies and tarts.

WINTER: Enjoy the snow! Dress warmly, grab your sled or your snowshoes, and get ready to have fun. A great place to warm up with a homemade hot chocolate and brownie is Juliette & Chocolat.


SUMMER: Head to the botanical garden near the Olympic Parc. Don’t forget your water bottle and your camera. You are going to need them both. Cycle or walk as it’s the best way to discover Montreal. If in need of a pick me up head to La Barraca for it’s brilliant mojito’s.

WINTER: Go ice-skating at Les Terrasses Bonsecours, located in the heart of the Old Port, then follow this up with dinner. There are so many different cuisine styles here in Montreal – Indian, French, Italian, Lebanese, that it’s impossible for you not to find what you want. But if you feel like trying the most famous dish from Montreal, you have to go to La Banquise, on Rachel Street, near Parc Lafontaine. There, share a good old poutine, then never eat again. For at least 2 hours.


SUMMER: Go biking to Atwater Market, on the Lachine canal. You can buy fruits, vegetables, some fine French cheese, a bottle of wine and then sit along the canal for a while, watching the weekly firework shot from the Jacques Cartier bridge. You could hesitate between hitting the bars or having a night stroll through the Old Port. Well, let me tell you: it doesn’t matter. The night is young, go do both!



As mentioned above Régine Café on Beaubien. Charming baroque restaurant where you’ll have the best brunch of your life for less than $20. Everything is homemade and you can really taste the difference. Impatient? Forget about it, it’s a busy, BUSY place on weekends.

Bombay Mahal on Jean-Talon. Obviously an Indian place so get your tongue ready cause it is definitely spicy! Best butter chicken ever. Period. My advice: order lots of different plates and share them all with your friends and split the bill ($20 per person but bring your own wine). Be sure to have your own basket of naan bread though cause you’ll not want to share that.

Big in Japan on Saint-Laurent. A cross between your traditional izakaya restaurant (aka a traditional japanese bistro) and a 50’s american diner. Great food, great service, great music. You could have an awesome evening there, sharing food with your friends (or not! I’ll never let anyone touch my crunchy pork plate) for $20-$30.

La Salle à Manger on Mont-Royal. Gourmet place. French cuisine mostly. Great atmosphere and look. Friendly service. Menu changes everyday. Perfect place to take your loved one or to have a fancy dinner with your friends. Broke? Don’t go there unless you sold one of your kidneys first (Price range: $60-$80, 3 courses and wine included).

Olive et Gourmando on Saint-Paul. Best sandwiches in town and perfect place to stop while taking a stroll in the Old Montreal. You HAVE TO try their Cajun Chicken sandwich (the bread will make you fall in love with the cook). Also try their soups. And brownies. And croissants. And granola. Well, pretty much everything for $15 to $20.


Feeling romantic? The Old Port. Those pavements are just too charming.


Need to feel like home? Le Plateau. Very european and pardon my French from France!


Hipster like? Rosemont is where you belong. Bring your fancy bike and go grab a bagel.

Check out this site for loads of tips.

  1. Bus and metro schedule: STM
  2. Bike finder: Biximo
  3. Wine suggestions: SAQ

One of the greatest parc’s here in Montreal. Lots of events all year long!


Avoid hotels! You’ll find cheap places to rent via Airbnb or Craigslist/Kijiji. Save your money to go try a couple of nice restaurants!

Go take a hike on that big mountain-kind-thing called Mont-Royal and enjoy the view.

Plus 15 degrees on March 4th. Minus 23 degrees on March 5th. And I’m not even making this up.

Walking or biking during summer. You need that Vitamin D! See above for apps to download that will make navigating this city easier!

Don’t go out without gloves when it’s -20 degrees and be sure to lock your bike. Otherwise, Montreal is a pretty safe city.

Going up to the top of the Olympic Park Tower. It’s just not worth it.

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