The future of travel by Talking Pigeons

The team at Talking Pigeons are all rather obsessed with technology and how it has radically changed our industry  and in our opinion largely for good. We are travelling more than we ever have thanks in part to the surge in low cost airlines, but of course this has it downsides with regard to the environment. This could be counter balanced in the future with the virtual reality world steadily increasing with the likes of Occulus Rift, to an extent that we each could have our own hologram box that is highly personalised and entirely immersive eliminating the need to leave your home.

As 2015 is fast approaching the team has put together an info graphic looking at the past, present and future and how we could be experiencing our world and the role that technology has and will play in this. Our research and insights has unearthed some interesting predictions – both scary and exciting for what may become a reality. We would love to hear your thoughts – the good, the bad or the ugly.

The future of travel

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