London for those that have moved here from all over the world can be a city that’s hard sometimes to see what the appeal is at first glance. Unlike New York City for example the energy and vibrancy hits you in the face – it’s a city of hustler’s where London is more like a gentle lady that slowly works her charm on you. With her impeccable manners, a great sense of humour when architectural buildings are referred to by names such as the Cheese Grater, the Gherkin or the Walkie Talkie and her quirky elements that slowly rise to the surface. So without further or do here is what I love about London.

It’s entirely normal to see this at weekends. You’re never at a loss to find somewhere that requires a bit of fancy dress…


Manners are integral and particularly so when queuing. If you’re a fan of tennis you will experience this at Wimbledon – this is the guide you get whilst being in a queue on how to queue.


Image – Go4TravelBlog

No other city is so caring to tourists, so you won’t get your ass whipped by looking the wrong way…


Space in London is of course at a premium. Let’s not discuss the depressing reality of never being able to own a home in London and instead look at how London utilises space. Where smaller cities can afford to overlook urban spaces, London excels in getting creative. Turning underground vaults into cinemas, bars, theatres and skateparks.


What sand there is in London is seldom if ever used for sunbathing – why would you when you can play the piano, create “art” and hopefully the tourists will throw a little money your way.


It’s the parks where you’ll find the locals in their beach gear. To note Summer in London is when it hits 18 degrees.


image by The Standard

It is far more likely that the sky in London will actually look mostly like this. To note this was shot last week in June…


Which is why London goes out of its way to provide spaces where you can enjoy the Summer when it does arrive…


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