Calgary Kathryn

CURIOUS. I love to see, observe, explore, learn, and understand things.

Calgary, Canada

 Born in Auckland, New Zealand. Lived in Vancouver, BC and South Lake Tahoe, CA

30-something kiwi who has lived in Canada for almost 6 years with my main sidekick Steven. I have a mish-mash of interests, worked in a bunch of different jobs and industries, and still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life!

Three things I wished I knew before moving to Calgary:

  1. Canada, the great white north – except Vancouver that is! At least, having moved to Calgary, I can truly say I’ve experienced a good old Canadian winter. And when the snow starts to melt, it smells like dog poo – because the frozen dog poo trapped within the snow piles starts melting too! Who knew?
  2. That I would really miss being by the coast and the beach. I love me some mountains but I’m definitely not a girl to be landlocked.
  3. Moving to a new province felt like moving to Canada all over again. There aren’t as many ex-pat antipodeans in Alberta so my accent has been a point of amusement and confusion once again.

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