Kenza a Londoner living in Auckland New Zealand

A Londoner brought up in Clapham when it was still a bit hippy.

Auckland for the past 2.5 years.

Born and bred Londoner.

Mid range, adventurous, sporty.

Love meeting new people and connecting like minded people, eating at great restaurants, hanging out at the beach and travelling. Spent me late teens getting involved in the hedonistic summers of love rave scenes before calming down and studying history. Have back packed around the world twice and have a passion for exploring new places, meeting new people and trying local food. A book worm that loves science fiction/fantasy and thrillers but also more high brow booker prize winners. A lover of the outdoors, I’m  now living in Auckland working as an EA to the CEO of Les Mills combining my love of fitness, people, good food and partying! 

Morning: Breakfast at Cafe on Kohi and then a walk down the Bays.
Afternoon: Catch a ferry to Waiheke with lunch at Mudbrick and a swim.
Night: Dinner at The French Café, then cocktails at Ostro.

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