melanie a local in wellington


A native to Wellington, New Zealand

 Wellington the City I was born in.

I haven’t lived abroad for an extended amount of time but have spent time exploring Israel, Japan, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaii and Australia.

Mid range and adventurous.

Loves to laugh, explore and collect rocks.

Morning: The perfect day in Wellington starts with a hearty bunch at Prefab.


Afternoon: A trip to Scorching Bay would definitely be on the cards and well worth the trip. It’s natural white sand beach and sheltered bay provide perfect conditions for ocean swimming. Afterwards, I’d head over to Scorch-O -Rama, the local cafe, and indulge in the best milkshake in Wellington – the Super Duper Shake.


Evening:This 1930s-inspired cinema is a real Wellington gem – Gandalf the Grey greets us at the door and Gollum is hanging out by the stairs. It also boasts the Coco restaurant and a bar where you can order drinks to enjoy while you watch the movie. Sidenote: It has the fanciest bathroom facilities in Wellington.

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