Curious – always keen to discover new horizons and meet new people who generally become new friends.

Brazil – São Paulo & Rio De Janeiro for weekends.

Born in Paris, France. Lived in Roma, Italy for a year (2006) – London, UK 2006-2012 – São Paulo, Brazil since 2012

A real travelling, languages and food lover. Discovering a new place to me instantly means getting to speak the language (or at least, enough to get by!), finding the best view spots to take pictures, where to eat local delicacies and taste the typical drinks. The best way to do this? By making friends with the locals, of course! I must say that Brazilian being so warm and friendly, it has been quite an easy task. Or maybe I’m just lucky?? 😉
3 things you wished you knew before moving to Brazil?

1. Speaking Portuguese would have helped A LOT!

2. Winter is sunny but can actually be cold (was not prepared for that )

3. Being patient with the insane traffic jam is key to survival in a city like São Paulo or Rio.

Morning: Exotic fruits mission fresh from my local market! The good thing about living in Sao Paulo is that the temperature is warm and the sun shines most of the year so I find it quite easy to get up early on Saturday mornings, jump on my bike and head to my local fruit and veg market.
Afternoon: I’d head out for a healthy lunch at Dona Vitamina in Pinheiros where a large selection of homemade sandwiches & cakes and freshly squeezed juices are on the menu.  After I would go for a walk around Vila Madalena – one of the most dynamic and bouncing areas of Sampa for a photo trip! Vila Mada is very famous for its street art and the scene is constantly changing!
Night: A caipirinha on one of the best rooftops of Sampa and eating some delicious sushi after?? Vamos?! Skye Bar – take the glass lift, walk to the terrace and admire the view over Avenida Paulista. Mori Sushi – some people would say that food should be about quality, not quantity, but when you go to Mori, you not only get to eat some of the best sushi in town (SP has got a Japanese community of over 100 years old!) but you get to eat as much as you want.