shlomit in liberia
Living the last 10 years in cities with a passion for exploring.

 Ramat Gan (neighbouring town to Tel Aviv, 3.5 years) Israel

Jerusalem (4.5 years), London (1.5 years)

Ma’ale Gamla (a moshav just above the Sea of Galilie)

I like to travel and see the country and the world and to hang out with friends. Working full time as an urban planner in a infrastructure company, but finding the time to explore the city and enjoy what it has to offer.


I naturally wanted to write (and think) about Jerusalem – I know the city much better, lived there longer, and have family connections there going back generations. I know all the small streets in the centre and the bus routes in the ugly neighbourhoods in the outskirts. I love Jerusalem more – the crazy atmosphere, the beauty, the multicultural and heavy history, the food and the chilly evenings. Oh, the chilly evenings…


Instead I found myself living in the last 3 years in what we in Israel call in “the Centre”. That stretch of shore that 80% of Israel’s population lives in. The same ugly high streets in every town, the humidity, the ‘balagan‘. In the middle of it all, the centre of the centre – Tel Aviv-Yafo.


Tel Aviv is just different. There is a reason why it’s called ‘Medinat Tel Aviv‘ -‘state of Tel Aviv’ – both in a good way and in a bad one. What differentiates it from any other town or city in Israel is the atmosphere. The FREE atmosphere. The ability to be who you are, to wear what you want, to hang out with who you want, do what you want.

Same-same but different… From the perspective of a country girl in the city, a mountain goat on the shore. Actually all over Israel, it would be Friday. Friday is not a working day but an errands day. Jews getting ready before shabat, Muslims getting ready for the main prayers, the atmosphere is ‘let’s–do-all-things-we-didn’t-manage–to–do-all-week-before-5-o’clock’.