I enjoy getting beneath the skin of places and seeing things that few do.

London & New York ( London 10 years, NYC 3 years)

Los Angeles (1 year)

Curious – I find everything interesting. I like moving around, being uncomfortable and exploring. I hate routine, committing to things and being settled. I enjoy getting beneath the skin of places and seeing things that few do. The place I hate the most in the world is Venice, nothing real.

I hate routine and try to never go back to the same place twice. So If I had my memory flashed, I’d like to do something like this…


Morning: Wake up and go for a rummage around Inwood Hill Park in North Manhattan. Lovely views over the River Hudson to the peace and calm of the western bank. A very hidden park that feels like another world away. Then walk along the river for a coffee at La Marina. Amazing views, great decor, terrible service.


Afternoon: Explore some of the art galleries in Chelsea, first have a coffee in the Highline Hotel. Then do a bit of the ultra touristy High Line because it is still amazing the 10th time around. Then get a bit of food in Park, an old converted parking lot with an amazing atrium. Great decor, good prices, great service, below average food.Head towards the West Village for some nice strolling along beautiful lanes near Perry Street and Christopher Street, maybe a cheeky cake and coffee in The Jane.


Night: Have an amazing walk around Dumbo and view the sunset and incredible view from the Brooklyn Heights Palisades park. Get some food in the beautiful Atrium Dumbo.

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